How to view photos on Facebook of strangers?

how to view photos on facebook of strangers

It happens very often that we want to check Facebook photos of people who are not currently friends. Sheer curiosity or control? Regardless of the motives, it is important to know that it is possible. You just need to find out how to do it correctly and how to proceed.

How to see photos on Facebook without being friends?

This is one of the more asked questions when it comes to Facebook itself. First of all, it is about situations in which we do not have a given person in friends, but also about situations when we do not have an active account at all. social networking site. Currently, there are two definitely best options that will allow you to view photos of people you are not friends with.

How to see a stranger's Facebook profile?

It probably won't be a secret that the simplest and probably the most effective method will be invite this person to be friends. If they accept the friend request, they can watch freely photos that were even added only for friends.

This is the most used method, mainly because it is not complicated and allows you to track a person on a regular basis. From now on, all the photos she added will be visible without any obstacles. It is also a good option for all those who want to comment and like photos. Very often it is impossible without first joining the group of friends.

There is one more option, mainly for all those who don't know a person very well and don't dare to ask to be added as a friend. That option is to ask for a favor from mutual friends who can give us access to the person's photos. However, this is more complicated and you have to reckon with the fact that your friends may also refuse it.

The last option is counting on the fact that the person we want to follow does not block his photos and they are publicly available.

Browsing Facebook without registering - is it even possible?

Yes, of course, although unfortunately not all options are available then, and using fb is much more complicated. Most of the accounts of private persons can be blocked for people who do not have an active account on this social networking site. What you will definitely be able to see are the websites of companies and profiles of public figures.

In order to unlock most of the options and have the greatest possible opportunity to see your old friends, it will certainly be easier to just create your own account.

It can even be an empty account, which will also allow you to preview selected content, and maybe even confuse friends who inadvertently add it to friends.

Establishment or Facebook account deletion It literally takes a minute and only needs a few basic details. So it will definitely be much easier than figuring out how to view your friends' photos without having to join the Facebook community.


  1. "The option is to ask mutual friends for a favor, who may allow us to access the person's photos"

    If someone shares photos only for friends and someone asked from friends will share them with someone outside this group, unfortunately, according to Polish law, you can sue one (sharing without consent) and the other (those who view without permission). By default, such photos are made available only to close people and not outsiders.

    It is as if you lend someone you know a phone call for a while so that he would call in need and he would lend the phone to a stranger on the street ...

    Also, if the "robbed" of the photos finds out about it, I don't want to be in the shoes of the two above ...


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