How to block Facebook ads?

how to block ads on facebook

total blocking ads on Facebook it is not possible, because it is thanks to advertising that the use of the website is completely free. Based on algorithms, Facebook tries to select advertisements that are interesting and relevant to a given user. However, if for some reason we do not want to see a given advertisement, we always have the option of selecting the "x" symbol in its upper right corner, and then clicking the command "I don't want to see it".

How advertising preferences work

We are not able to Block Facebook Ads completely, but thanks to advertising preferences, we have an influence on what advertisements are displayed to us, and also check why a given advertisement is shown to us.

To check and change our advertising preferences, select the x or v icon in the upper right corner of any Facebook ad, and then select the "why can i see it". An explanation of why the advertisement was shown to us will be displayed, in addition, it is possible to add your profile to the group of recipients of this advertisement and to leave it.

After selecting the option "managing advertising preferences”We can check more groups of recipients to which we belong and which decide what advertisements are displayed to us on Facebook. Warto pamiętać, iż dzięki dokonaniu zmian w zakresie preferencji reklamowych możemy wpłynąć wyłącznie na rodzaj wyświetlanych nam reklam, a nie na ich liczbę.

How to block Facebook ads?

It happens that advertisers who buy ads on Facebook want the website to show their ads to various groups of recipients, based on their likes. This means that, leaving the group of volleyball fans, and remaining in the group of football enthusiasts, we will continue to receive advertisements for a sports shoe manufacturer whose target group are sports enthusiasts.

Warto pamiętać, iż serwis Facebook dysponuje naszymi wszystkimi podstawowymi danymi potrzebnymi do efektownego doboru reklam. Facebook zawsze wykorzystuje do trafnego doboru materiałów reklamowych takie informacje jak nasz wiek, płeć i miejsce zamieszkania oraz rodzaj urządzenia, z którego logujemy się do serwisu.

How does Facebook select ads?

The premise of Facebook is to show users ads that will be as effective and useful for advertisers as possible.

For this purpose, the website selects advertisements for a given user based on information provided on Facebook (e.g. likes), other data from the user's Facebook account such as gender, age or place of residence, and information provided by advertisers who may already be in possession of e.g. target audience email addresses and activities on other websites and applications.

As Facebook users, we have the right and the option setting your advertising preferences and settings for displaying advertisements based solely on our interests in our account. We cannot completely block the ads from appearing on Facebook, but we can fully decide what types of advertising will be presented to us.


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