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how to create a group on messenger

How to create a group on Messenger?

Messenger, an application used by millions of people around the world. It is an internal communicator of the Facebook platform, which has its own application and is often used also by people who do not ...
is it possible to use the messenger without a facebook account

Is it possible to use the messenger without a Facebook account?

Facebook Messenger is undoubtedly one of the most popular messengers in recent years. It allows you to communicate with both family and friends. It allows you to make new friends and tighten bonds. How to put on ...
how to hide a birthday on facebook how to block the submission of wishes on fb

How to hide Facebook birthdays - how to block FB wishes

Many people wonder how to hide birthdays on FB so that no other person knows when exactly the user's birthday falls. It is not a complicated operation, it is enough just ...
how to set up a group on facebook a group on fb in a few steps

How to create a group on Facebook - a group on FB in a few steps!

What is a Facebook group for? A Facebook group works well as a form of promoting and enlarging your community on the Internet. It can gain popularity thanks to the useful knowledge shared by its users, ...
facebook messenger what is it

Facebook Messenger - what is it?

Facebook Messenger - what is it? Currently, there are many people who use this application. When was Facebook Messenger created? What are the most important advantages? Which is why so many people like to use ...
how to install facebook pixel

How to install Facebook pixel?

Facebook pixel is a code that, when installed on a website or blog, allows you to collect data about visitors. This, in turn, enables the use of remarketing on Facebook, i.e. targeting ads to people who ...
how to change the notification sound from the messenger

How to change the notification sound from Messenger?

Tired of all this well-known, distinctive sound signifying the arrival of a new message on Facebook Messenger? It is an extremely popular application and the same audio can be heard anywhere in public and ...
How can I download a video from facebook

How can I download a video from Facebook?

Surely many of you wondered if it is possible to download a video placed on Facebook at all, and if so, how can it be done? Contrary to appearances, it is not at all ...
how can we delete a group on facebook

How can we delete a Facebook group?

Social networks are to help us maintain relationships with a large group of people without having to physically contact them. This is also the purpose of setting up a Facebook group - it is to unite people with similar interests, ...
how to tag a friend on fb

How to tag a friend on FB?

More than once we want to share interesting, important or funny material with one of our friends on a social networking site such as Facebook. One method is to label it, but it turns into ...

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