How to save bookmarks in Chrome?

how to save bookmarks in chrome

Saving bookmarks in the Google Chrome browser

We all know perfectly well that personalized Web browser can make life easier and definitely speed up not only browsing websitesbut also the work on the computer itself. One of the most important functions it therefore has Google Chrome browser, it is possible to save bookmarks, i.e. links to pages that we want to visit more often, or to which we just want to come back at a later time.

The most common way to save bookmarks is to click on the star symbol, located directly next to the address of the website you are just visiting, in the bar on the right.

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Selecting this option opens the save window, in which we can shorten the proposed name or change it completely. For example:

They will be on the site Instagrama

, click the star on the right side of the address bar, and in the window that opens, change the name "Instagram" to (for example) "Maciej's Instagram" or "InstaStory".

The second way saving bookmarks in the Google Chrome browser is to use a direct keyboard shortcut which, like clicking the aforementioned star in the address bar, will immediately assign another page to our list of bookmarks.

The keyboard shortcut that allows this operation is the button combination: left CTRL + D. After using it, we will see exactly the same save window as in the previous case, so we can again edit the name of the page that we want to add to the bookmarks. Such a shortcut is a useful option especially for those who, in their everyday work at the computer, mainly use the keyboard, and less often the mouse.

The bookmarks saved by us can be found by clicking on the "more" option in our Chrome browser and expanding the "Bookmarks"Or a little faster by clicking on the" >> "signs directly on the home page of the browser.

Bookmarks in Google Chrome

It is also worth knowing that already assigned bookmarks in Chrome, we can add to the main page in the form of shortcutsby directly transferring them from the list of tabs to the top bar of our website.

To do this, right-click on the name of the tab, select the edit option and completely delete its name. Then, the name of the page that we saved, only its logo, e.g. logo, will be displayed on the home page. Facebook, Instagram or other popular websites we use.

If, on the other hand, we would like to transfer the complete list of bookmarks to another browser, we should:

  • expand the "More" bar again, then "Bookmarks" and click on "Bookmark Manager".
  • In the window that opens, on the top right, click on the three dots and from the expanded list of tasks, select the option "export bookmarks".
  • In the event that we want to add previously saved bookmarks, select the option "import bookmarks".

Although for beginners the process itself may seem a bit complicated, it is thanks to intuitive solutions saving bookmarks in Google Chrome is very simple.


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