How to restore deleted Chrome bookmarks?

how to restore deleted chrome tabs

What are Google Chrome bookmarks - how to create and recover them?

Google Chrome browser is an online tool for searching for given and desired phrases. Thanks to the mechanics of the software, it is possible to obtain the necessary information, as well as to reach the desired websites. also browser this one has many additional functions and tools that will make your work much easier and faster. One of them is creating bookmarks and storing them. What are web bookmarks? How to create them? How do I restore a lost bookmark? These and many other questions are answered in the article below.

Is there a tab.

Google Chrome is a tool that creates many possibilities by using interesting, helpful and useful functions. One of them is remembering frequently visited or favorites websites in the form of tabs. This feature allows you to quickly reach the desired site without the need for additional steps. This tab is "at your fingertips", and opening the content requires one "click".

How do I create a bookmark in Google Chrome?

Creating bookmarks is very quick and easy. It does not require any special IT skills and it only takes a few seconds to save it. So how do you go about creating it?

The first step is to enter the website address and go to its content. Next, you need to "click" the three vertically arranged dots in the upper right corner of the monitor and select the bookmark option, and then "Add this page to the bookmarks". After opening the window, the tool requires that you give a title to a tab, as well as choose a save location - by default, the tab bar. Ready.

How to restore deleted Chrome bookmarks?

It happens that while working, we accidentally delete the content of bookmarks or completely remove it from the list of saved pages. Sometimes we also deliberately delete the site and change our mind after a while. Should you panic in such a situation? In no case. Deleting a bookmark is a reversible process and the saved data can be easily restored.

So how do you recover a deleted bookmark?

Situations can be considered in terms of two situations. The first is to recover your bookmarks when you change your computer or reinstall your system. To prevent your bookmarks from being lost by switching to another computer, create an account and synchronize all your data.

To do this:

  1. open a browser,
  2. then press the profile icon and log in.
  3. After logging in, go to the settings menu and open the "Advanced sync settings"And check the markings"bookmarks".

Accidentally deleting a bookmark will be a bigger problem. However, this process is easily reversible. There are two main methods of proceeding.

1 method.

Restore a bookmark file stored in a folder on your computer. To do this, you need to follow a few steps:

  • launching Windows Explorer
  • inserting the phrase in the search field Users NAME AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default - (NAME is your username)
  • search for the file "Bookmarks"
  • clicking the "Restore previous version" button

2 method.

Using data recovery software. After installing the program, specify - in the Settings, the folder searched by typing Users NAME AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default (Replace NAME with your username).

The search result will be the "Bookmarks" folder, which must be restored on the computer one by one and moved to the "Default" folder.



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