How to turn off notifications in Chrome?

how to disable notifications in chrome

Disabling notifications in Google Chrome

Technology is a great thing for our society - it makes it easier for us to connect with the whole globe and it provides entertainment. However, there are situations when laptops or mobile devices can irritate us. How? Hundreds of unnecessary information or notifications can upset even a Buddhist monk! So what should you do to save yourself stress? A simple question to ask yourself is: How do I deal with notifications?

We are here to help! We will help you deal with notifications from yours Google Chrome browsers!! So we present a solution to the problem of redundant information, both on computers and on mobile devices!

Disabling notifications - computers and laptops in eight steps:

    1. Open Google Chrome - just click the Google Chrome icon!
    2. In the upper right corner you will find the "More" / "Customize and control Google Chrome" icon - these are three dots arranged vertically - CLICK ON NO!
    3. In the small window that appears, find the phrase "Settings" - the third word from the bottom of the window - CLICK ON NO!
    4. After opening the window with available options, go to the very bottom, and then find the phrase "Advanced" - it is at the very bottom of the window - CLICK ON IT!
    5. When additional options appear, you need to find the tools titled "Privacy and Security" - these should be the first new options displayed - TAKE A LOOK!
    6. Look for the phrase "Site Settings" - this is the penultimate line in our box titled "Privacy and Security" - CLICK ON IT!
    7. It's time to get rid of annoying and unnecessary notifications! Click on the phrase "Notifications".
    8. However, not all notifications are useless - "BLOCK" redundant | "ALLOW" to be useful!

Disabling notifications - Mobile devices:

Five Fingers ANDROID System:

      1. Open the Google Chrome application - find the Google Chrome application icon - TOUCH!
      2. In the upper right corner of the screen, select "More" - these are three dots arranged vertically below each other - TOUCH!
      3. From the available options in the window, select the phrase "Settings" - the penultimate, available option - TOUCH!
      4. In the new tab, find "Notifications" - TOUCH!
      5. Use the slider to decide on the fate of notifications! - Blue slider (notifications on) / Gray slider (notifications off).

IOS (iPhone and iPad) for one time:

      1. On devices with iOS operating systems, the Google Chrome application does not display notifications by default. Otherwise, you need to contact Apple Device Service to locate any system problems with your mobile device.

We hope that any doubts regarding the appearance of notifications in web browsers type Google Chrome, have been dispelled via our instructions.

Remember, however, that some notifications may be useful for you and your equipment and should not be abandoned!

So turn off notifications in a thoughtful way and free yourself only from unnecessary ones! Greetings!


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