How to block pop-up windows in Chrome?

how to block pop-up windows in chrome

Block unwanted pop-ups in Google Chrome

Increasingly visited by us while browsing the web websites they accuse us of lots of popups and information. Among them, it is easy to miss permission for pop-ups or notifications, and their constant appearance can be a nuisance. It also happens that the pop-up windows are the result of our computer being infected, which is dangerous in itself.

Block pop-ups in Chrome

If in Google Chrome browser unwanted notifications appear, use the built-in blocking option. To do this, you just need to:

  1. Go to the menu hidden under the three-dot button (in the upper right corner browsers) and enter the settings.
  2. After the browser displays the options panel, you need to find the "advanced" tab and in the "privacy and security" section, enter the website settings.
  3. There should be an option to disable pop-ups, signed as "pup-ups and redirects", as well as notifications sent by websites. You can also define here which websites can show them to us.
  4. At this point, you can also tell the browser to block ads or ask us every time a website requests access to, for example, a microphone or a camera.
  5. It is worth doing it immediately after installing the browser to adjust its operation to your preferences.

The situation is similar in the version of the browser for mobile devices. There, the option to block pop-ups and redirects is in the settings, in the "site settings" section. You can block them completely or allow them to appear.

If unwanted pop-ups keep appearing despite setting the appropriate options, this may indicate the presence of malware.

Pop-ups - adware and malware

The desktop version of Google Chrome has its own adware and malware detection function. It is located in the advanced settings section under the name "cleaning the computer". Once activated, the browser will try to find malware, and this process may take from several to several dozen minutes.

An indication that it is adware or malware (types of software that display advertisements or access our data) that is causing the pop-ups, may be windows from websites that we do not visit, home pagethat changes by itself, extra icons in the toolbar, or bothersome ads that are hard to close.

It's a good idea to protect yourself from malware, be careful on the Internet - download from trusted sources and avoid visiting suspicious websites.

It is also worth reading carefully what appears during the installation of programs - installers often contain additional components, which are just advertisements. Instead of just clicking "further”Just note the appropriate option, uncheck it and save yourself irritation.

If a Google Chrome scan does not work, you may want to install a computer scan program. For example, AdwCleaner or any other tool designed to search for pests will work here. The tool is easy to use with just a few clicks.


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