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how to block pop-up windows in chrome

How to block pop-up windows in Chrome?

Block Unwanted Pop-ups in Google Chrome Increasingly, while browsing the web, the websites we visit are infusing us with a large amount of pop-ups and information. Among them, it is easy to miss the permit for ...
how to set the start page in chrome

How do I set the start page in Chrome?

The most popular web browsers offer their users a number of solutions and settings to improve the quality of their operation. One of these solutions is the ability to set a start page that will open each time you start your browser. When the user ...
how to save bookmarks in chrome

How to save bookmarks in Chrome?

Saving bookmarks in Google Chrome We all know very well that a personalized web browser can make life easier and definitely speed up not only browsing websites, but also the work on the computer itself. One of...
how to delete search history in chrome

How to delete search history in chrome?

The Internet is as huge as an ocean on which we surf every day, visiting hundreds of different sites. The development of technology has given us endless possibilities of acquiring knowledge. We can easily obtain information about everything that ...

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