Why is e-invoice a good choice?

why e invoice is a good choice

Each entrepreneur issues invoices. However, today they are less and less traditional paper documents. Companies prefer e-invoices. But why is e-invoice a better solution? Let's check what advantages it has and why it is worth switching to the electronic version of the invoice.

What is e-invoice?

Simply put, e-invoice it's just an electronic version of an invoice. I am talking about a digital file. In the case of issuing an electronic invoice, the document is sent directly to the addressee by electronic means. It is worth noting that currently there is no obligation to issue paper invoices. An e-invoice is completely sufficient.

Economical and ecological

There is no doubt that e-invoicing saves money. To issue a paper invoice, you need to use paper and toner. Especially when it comes to toner, costs are high when it comes to a company that issues tens or even hundreds of invoices per month. What's more, you also have to add the costs of postage and subsequent archiving of documents. Enterprises are required to keep invoices in the event of an inspection by the tax office. Issuing an e-invoice does not generate any of the above-mentioned costs.

There is no doubt that electronic invoicing will save you money. But that's not all. E-invoice also saves time. Preparing a document takes literally a moment. It is possible to use the same pattern each time. So it only remains to top up the amounts.

It is also worth bearing in mind that e-invoice is an ecological solution. After all, it does not require wasting paper. Today, an ecological attitude is very much in demand. Customers appreciate companies that care about the environment.

e invoice

Convenient electronic invoice and company presented in good light

Another issue worth mentioning is the comfort of using electronic invoices. Well, storing e-invoices is extremely convenient. Paper documents take up a lot of space and require supervision. The Secured e-Invoice, on the other hand, rests on the disk. You can easily find it and look at it at any time.

Moreover, electronic invoices reach the recipients very quickly. The risk of damaging the invoice or not delivering it to the recipient is close to zero, unlike paper invoices. Thus, the company is well perceived as timely and modern at the same time.

KSeF, i.e. the register of e-invoices

It is worth mentioning here about the KSeF, i.e. the National System of e-Invoices. It is a state system, the use of which will soon be obligatory for every enterprise issuing electronic invoices. The system will collect e-invoices. Thanks to this, tax authorities will be able to easily ensure that all companies comply with the law. However, KSeF is also a benefit for companies. Now all invoices will be in one place, and there will be no need to prepare for a tax audit any more. It should be noted that the National System of e-Invoices already exists. However, for now, using it is optional.

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