Who will we meet on the stock exchange?

who we meet on the stock exchange

Various investors meet on the stock exchange. They can be distinguished in terms of who they are and how they invest. Of course, all of them have one goal - to earn on shares, but it is known that not everyone will succeed. Someone finally buys papers "on the hills" ...

Who will we meet on the WSE when buying shares online?

Physically, of course, no one, it is about naming individual players or people participating in the stock exchange. There are individual players, funds, day traders or, for example, a nice forklift. I invite you to a short review of the stock exchange "soldiers".

Individual investors - self-employed investors. They make their own choices in what and how much to invest, they assess the risk themselves (or look for such information, e.g. on the web) and what their portfolio composition will look like. Individual players buy online actions, using, for example, modern investment platforms. Everything conveniently, quickly and without leaving home. Some of these platforms are also available for mobile devices, so you can invest from anywhere. All you need is a smartphone with internet access.

Institutional investors - they are big players. In the jargon of the stock market, often referred to as "fat". These include investment funds (funds), banks and brokerage houses operating on their own account. They are characterized by large funds for investments, and can sometimes significantly affect the price of individual shares.

Daytraders - these are players who buy and sell securities during one trading session (within one day). They make many trades and are satisfied with their small (albeit frequent) profits. They are typical stock market speculators for whom only price changes count, not valuable companies or dividends.

Animators - a special group of market players who have signed contracts with the stock exchange or issuer and regularly issue new purchase and sale offers for shares of individual companies. Their role is to keep certain stocks liquid. The role of animators is most often played by brokerage houses.

Bream - is a colloquial term for young or inexperienced players who make decisions on the spur of the moment, based on opinions found on stock exchange forums or under the influence of beaters. They are often manipulated by themselves, they succumb to emotions and most often they gradually lose the invested capital.

Forklift - and in the end we will get off the players themselves and add someone from the service. Widłowy is a colloquial term for the Chairman of the Stock Exchange Session. And where does this term come from? Because it is this person who determines the possible static and dynamic trading limits in the quotation. The actions of this person are especially visible during the huge interest in a specific company or mass sale of a given paper. It has the option of temporarily blocking transactions with the company's securities.

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