Screen recording - How to record screen and audio in Windows?

screen recorder how to record screen and sound in windows

Recording your screen is really easy. We can choose between screen recording with sound, and screen recording without sound effects. We will be able to constantly monitor what we are recording and the course of this process by looking at the bottom right corner of the monitor. How to record computer screen?

Windows 10 screen recording

The Windows 10 operating system gives its users many possibilities that have not been available until now. One of the interesting options is the ability to record the screen without having to download additional applications. Moreover, the solution used in this operational program is reliable in practice. Screen recorderwhich may be different screen recorders, allows you to record only the picture or the picture and sound.

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How to record the screen?

Screen recording it is possible on a desktop computer, laptop, as well as on mobile devices - smartphone, tablet. Screen recorder program, computer sound recording program, Czy computer sound recording program, you can download from the pool of free software. You can also use the recording option without installing a special program.

How to record audio from a computer? How to record the screen?

Specialist game recording program will provide us with many additional functions which are basic screen recorder applications they do not have. Pc screen recording, no program, or a simple application, and a professional computer screen recording program intended for games are quite different products. Serious computer games most often have very high quality graphics and sound, which is why applications enable windows 10 desktop recording and windows 10 sound recordingto enable recording games computing should also be technologically advanced.

Windows 10 screen recording for games

Once our taskbar minimizes automatically, screen recorder, makes it possible desktop recording. If we are looking for a simple way to how to record computer screen, without the need to install additional software, it is possible. Entering the settings, select playing and then turn on the DVR option. Burning windows 10 

(windows 10 image capture) is launched with a keyboard shortcut, it is Win + Alt + R. Record your computer screen and computer audio recording they also allow special programs.

Burning windows 10 discs

Record windows screenwhere desktop recording program not needed is only possible in game mode. This does not mean, however, that logging can only occur for games. In any other application, when we enter it, using the Win + G keyboard shortcut, we can mark the option that the program is a game and select the option record the screen.

Even when we divide into two windows 10 screens recording is also possible. Screen recording can be very useful and it is really easy to do. Completion of action as it is screen recording it is possible at any time by pressing the key combination Windows + Alt + R.


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