How to split a monitor screen - screen sharing in windows 10

how to split screen split screen in windows 10
how to split screen split screen in windows 10

Each of us has had a situation where we had to jump between open program or browser windows every now and then. Although the need to use two windows at once is the domain of analysts or computer graphic designers, it is sometimes also useful for private purposes, such as rewriting a bank account number or comparing products that we plan to buy. If in such a situation you thought that you would need a second monitor, it would probably not be a viable solution. There is, however, a way to have one monitor two screens. Windows 10 is a system that most computers are currently based on, and its creators took care of our convenience by introducing a function to it screen sharing.

How to split the screen into two parts in Windows 10?

The easiest way to screen sharing in Windows 10 is to use Snap Assist. It enables screen division into 2, 3 or four parts, which in turn allows you to freely rewrite the text or compare data, thanks to the fact that we have open two windows next to each other. 

To run in Windows 10 two screens two ways can be used.

  • Split the screen with the keyboard
    First, select the window you want to attract and press the Windows logo key and the left or right arrow on your keyboard, depending on which side of the screen you want the window to appear from. If there are other windows open in the system, their thumbnail will be displayed on the other half of the monitor. It is enough to click on the needed application so that it takes up the free part of the screen. Then, if necessary, we can split the selected window in half again by pressing the Windows logo key again, this time in conjunction with the up or down arrow. As a result of the split, open programs take up 50% or 25% of the monitor respectively, although some, such as Spotify, may turn out to be more unruly and take up a bit more.
  • Two screens in Windows 10 with the help of a mouse
    Willing split Windows 10 screen mouse or touchpad, select the title bar of the desired window and drag it to the edge of the monitor. When the cursor touches the edge of the screen, an outline appears on the screen to indicate where to drag. The window can be dragged to the left or right side of the screen to make two screens. 
    If the window is dragged to the top or bottom edge, we will split the screen into four parts. It is not possible to split the monitor into two horizontally when using Snap Assist.

Windows 10 split screen - additional possibilities

When we know already how to split the screen in half, we can additionally adjust the size of the displayed windows. It happens that we do not need both running programs to run at the same size. In this situation, we do not have to change the size of each of them separately. If we point the mouse on the line separating them and drag it while changing the size of one of the windows, the other will automatically adjust its size to the space remaining on the screen.

How do I turn off split screen?

After finishing work, when we want to return to displaying one window on the monitor, the easiest way is to right-click on the "maximize" icon in the upper right corner of the window taskbar, between the "minimize" and "close" icons. After pressing this icon, the selected window will take back the entire screen space. The split screen can also be turned off from the keyboard by pressing the Windows logo key and the up arrow twice, which will maximize the previously used window.