How to set and change the password on a Windows 10 computer

How to set and change a password on a computer with windows 10

There is often a situation like that an unauthorized person will learn our computer password and all the things we keep there come to our mind and we would prefer no one to see them. It also happens that we trust someone and give them the password ourselves, but we suddenly lose this trust and then a problem arises.

Then we nervously turn on the search engine and enter such phrases as: password Windows 10, how to change the Windows 10 password, how to change the password on the computer, how to disable the win 10 password, how to set the Windows 10 password, how to change the name of the win 10 account, how to change the Windows 10 password, how to change the Microsoft account password, Windows 10 password or even something like : how to remove Windows 10 password or how to set password on computer.

How to change your Windows 10 computer password

However, the most important thing in this situation is calmness and this is the first thing you should or should do at the beginning. We'll do the rest together.

How do I change my computer password? So you wonder. Well, it is not that difficult and complicated, and by reading the text below, you will literally learn how to set a password on your computer, how to change the password in Windows 10, how to disable login with a Windows 10 password, how to change the password in a laptop, and an issue such as Windows 10 changing the password will have no secrets for you!

How to rename a Windows 10 account? How to set a password for a computer? How to change the password on the computer? Read on and find out - Windows 10 how to change the administrator password!

Windows 10 how to turn off the password? The manufacturer of the system, i.e. Microsoft, is known for its user-friendly approach and for providing them with the easiest and intuitive operation possible, which should not be difficult for anyone. The same is true for this, and changing your Windows password is fairly easy to do. At the beginning, however, it is worth emphasizing that since you have already decided or decided to change, remember that your computer password should be as difficult to guess as possible. If you come up with them, all that remains is to change the password in Windows.

How to set a password for Windows 10?

So how to set a computer password and how to set a password for Windows 10? If you know your current computer password, i.e. the Windows password, and logging in to Windows 10 is not a problem for you, then when you log in, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Choose in turn: Start Settings Accounts Login options.

In the area Password select the button Change, and then follow what is written.

How to set and change the password on a Windows 10 computer
Windows 10> Start> Settings> Accounts> Sign-in Options

This is how you will set your new Windows 10 password. On the other hand, if you don't remember your old Windows password, the matter is a bit more complicated, but of course not hopeless.

Do this then:

  • After you enter the wrong password and you do not log into Windows, press the button on the screen that says "reset your password".
  • After that, the so-called Windows login security questions will appear on the screen and you must answer them correctly.
  • When you answer the questions properly, it will appear the ability to set a new password for Windows 10 - think it over carefully, and then it's best to write them down on a piece of paper or elsewhere so you don't forget it again.
  • After setting a new password for your computer - you can now use it to log in and use Windows normally.


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