How do I factory reset Windows 10?

Do you want to sell your computer? Or maybe it works too slowly and you need to give it its old freshness? In this guide, you will learn how to get to the options resetting the settings from within Windows.

Why default settings?

With time, the use of the equipment may become cumbersome, due to its arduous work, you have to wait longer and longer for the system to start, which can lead to a passion for shoemakers. Why bother and take the device to the service if we can refresh ourselves?

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Before you begin

Before starting the activities, back up your system. The software can sometimes fail and you may get an error while performing the operation, which may damage your system partition. To avoid unnecessary nerves, we will then be able to recover our system from the previously mentioned copy.

First step

  • The first step is to log in to an account with administrator privileges or know the password for an account with such privileges, otherwise you will not be able to restore the factory settings.
  • Then open the Start menu (the "window" on the left in the factory setting of the taskbar position).
  • A window with applications and other options will appear. Select the gear icon that is responsible for going to the settings. To make sure that you select the appropriate applet, at the very top of the window, on the left side, there is an icon that corresponds to the menu extension.
  • When you click it, their names will appear next to the selection, so if you see the words "Settings", select that section to proceed.

Step two

A larger window will then appear showing the various properties of the system Windows 10where we click on the section "Updates and Security"

Step three

Various options appeared, we are interested in the menu item "Recovery“Which, when clicked, will show us what we are looking for. Half of the success is behind us.

Fourth step

  • Moving on to the section from the previous step, the option we are looking for appears at the very top. To restore our system to factory settings, click the button "Get started".
  • Another window will pop up on the screen (it's Windows after all ;-) informing about the possibility of saving files and complete deletion of all the contents of the computer. In order to obtain factory settings, we choose the second option.

Step five

  • After selecting the appropriate box, the Windows Wizard will ask you to clean your disk. The recommended choice is to delete all files and clean the data carrier to make sure that our system after restoring the settings will be like from the "factory".
  • So we choose "Delete files and clean the disk". At this point, the computer is prepared to restore the factory configuration.
  • Windows will make sure you want to delete all files, applications, and other content through a message on the screen once again.
  • If we are sure of our choice, click "Reset".

Getting the computer to factory configuration again may take a while, during this time the device will restart several times, there is nothing else but to wait patiently until our goal is achieved.


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