What is an SSL certificate? Basic information about SSL

what is ssl certificate basic information about ssl

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a network protocol that is used for secure network connections. Currently, SSL is the encryption standard on websites. The certificate means that the transmission of data sent by a specific party is secure. It can be used for website connections, e-mail or FTP server connections. It is also used to secure transactions performed as part of electronic banking or in online payment systems such as PayPal.

An SSL certificate should be used in any case if the website user provides his data on it. This does not only apply to online purchases, but also to situations like creating an account on social networks or providing data to ask questions via the contact form available on the website.

SSL certificate - benefits

The main benefit of having an SSL certificate is the protection of confidential information sent by a given website. Thanks to this, the user has a sense of security - he is not afraid that his data will be intercepted by unauthorized persons and then misused. Moreover, the website secured with SSL protocol is much more reliable.

The certificate indicates that the company's safety rules are important and makes every effort to care for its users. It also builds the trust of recipients because they feel that their contractor is a serious company.

How does SSL work?

If the website is secured with an SSL certificate, the data is sent over the network in an appropriately encrypted manner. This distinguishes them from websites that do not use the certificate, where data is sent in plain text that can be easily intercepted by unauthorized persons.

It is important that the security works only on the data domaintherefore, a separate certificate is required for each domain.

When by a web browser

a connection is established, algorithms and encryption keys are established. These are then used to transfer data between the browser and server. As a result, the data is encrypted and safe.

What to do to get a certificate? First, the website must be under the given domain. This domain should be registered for company data, which will be visible in the WHOIS database. In addition, the owner of the website must have a e-mail with the address “admin@encrypted_domena.pl ", because it is at this address that he will receive a message asking for confirmation of the received order.

How will you know if your website is secure?

First, the "https: //" prefix will appear in the web address instead of the current "http: //".

Secondly, a special icon with a locked padlock will appear in the address bar of the browser, which will be visible at first glance and emphasize the credibility and security of the website.

ssl certificate on the website https klodeczka

It should be emphasized that SSL certificate confirms the credibility of the website. Then its user is not afraid to provide their data, because they know that they are safe.

The SSL protocol therefore guarantees confidentiality and makes users much more likely to use a site that offers them these benefits.