Web browsers - ranking of the best web browsers (2020)

We use web browsers every day. Most of us have our favorite browser. The reasons can be very different. We can value secure browsers, those that allow us to work quickly or have additional functions, e.g. built-in best ad blocker. This browser ranking includes: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Comodo Dragon, Opera.

Browser test was carried out on their latest versions.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

The number one ranking of web browsers in Poland - Google Chrome.

Currently, it is the best known of the top browsers available on our market. It guarantees a high level of protection. The browser debuted in September 2008, it is currently the leader among web browsers. According to the latest statistics, Google Chrome accounts for over 70% of the browser market. This success is down to useful functions and a high level of security.

The great advantage of the browser is synchronization, which includes: bookmarks, add-ons, passwords and settings. The integrated profile system allows multiple people to use the browser and switch between them. Chrome also offers the option of so-called cloud printing. Just log in to your account Google. There is also a function of launching a remote desktop from other devices.

Chrome, user benefits:

  • fast browser operation;
  • simple interface;
  • the ability to store data in the cloud;
  • integrated system;
  • the browser works with Google Translate;
  • "Incognito" mode for safely browsing web pages that are not saved in your browsing history.

Chrome Cons:

  • large consumption of RAM and cache;
  • lack of concern for user privacy.

The best web browsers - Mozilla Firefox second.

The biggest competition for Google Chrome is currently the Mozilla Firefox browser, which has many functions useful in everyday use Internet. The browser was established in 2002. Each subsequent version gives the user more and more functions. No wonder that this browser has a large group of regular users. It also works well in the mobile version.

Mozilla Firefox advantages for the user:

  • high security during use, the browser eliminates spyware that can be accidentally downloaded while downloading files;
  • the greatest attention to user privacy among all popular web browsers;
  • high performance;
  • elimination of annoying pop-ups;
  • the ability to view multiple cards at the same time;
  • easy password synchronization, intuitive bookmark management;
  • clean interface.

Mozilla Firefox Cons:

  • high consumption of RAM;
  • in case the browser hangs while downloading the file, we lose everything that has been downloaded until the suspension.

Web browsers ranking - third place Samsung Internet.

The creators of the browser wanted the program to work quickly and safely. These goals were perfectly achieved.

Advantages for the user:

  • the package of scripts used to track user actions that Google uses has been removed;
  • browser consumes little RAM;
  • blocks cookies and spyware;
  • Moreover, the browser supports numerous add-ons such as Meta Translate, Tab Bar or Video Assistant, which makes it user-friendly.

Internet browsers ranking - fourth place Opera.

The browser has some interesting extensions that may be useful for users, for example special mouse gestures, the ability to block unwanted ad windows. The browser ranking in 2018 gave it a leading place. It is a very simple browser that is noteworthy.

Which web browser to choose?

All of the most popular web browsers available on the Polish market are user-friendly and safe. Each of them has its own strengths described in this ranking. You can certainly choose the best one for your needs.