How do I transfer a large file over the Internet?

how to transfer a large file over the internet

How do I transfer a large file over the Internet?

Often there is a situation where we would like to send large files over the Internet. Unfortunately, this is not always possible through use e-mailbecause the attachments are limited in size.

How do I compress a file? Is WeTransfer a solution that enables the transfer of large files? How to use the potential of Google Drive? Is MEGA a safe and convenient solution for transferring large files? Please read the article below for answers to the above questions.

How do I compress a file?

How to transfer large files? Try the compression options first. If we pack the files in zip format, then they take up much less space than in the original version. In practice, this means that sending them is much faster.

Before sharing a group of files, it's a good idea to combine them into a single folder. But how can this be done? If we do not have the downloaded specialized software, we can use the system capabilities.

After selecting the folder, right-click and select "Send to". Now we have to choose the option "Compressed (zipped) folder" to be able to enjoy a smaller, coherent file.

WeTransfer - a way to transfer large files?

Transferring large files is quite problematic. One solution is the site WeTransferwhich makes this process much easier. When using the free version, we have 2 GB available for a week.

Sending large files in this case is very easy. After accepting the conditions, click "Add your files"And select the files that we want to send. Enter any e-mail address below - a message with a link will be sent to it.

In the field "message"We can enter any text.

How to use the potential of Google Drive?

How do I send a large file by email? At first glance, it seems almost impossible. However, it is worth learning about the interesting possibilities of Gmail.

If the file takes up more than 25 MB of disk space, a link to Google Drive will be automatically inserted into the message.

How to deal with such a solution?

First, we log into the e-mail and create a new message. At the bottom there is a paperclip button - select it and indicate the files to be sent. It remains for us to confirm the selection of files with the "open" option. Ready! We can send a large message via email.

MEGA - safety and comfort in one?

Wondering how to share a large file? Another possibility is the site MEGA. Even in the free version, it offers many possibilities for users. It is necessary to register, however, we can use up to 50 GB of free space.

It is worth emphasizing - in this case there is no limit to the size of individual files, we also do not have to worry about the validity period of the link. If we are interested in increasing the available space, then it is possible to pay a fee. Files passing through MEGA are encrypted each time.