How to create a good website yourself?

how to create a good website yourself

Are you just starting your own business, but you want a good website from the very beginning? Do you want to create a private site, but you are not going to invest a lot of money in it? Use a good website creator and you will find out that it is possible to create a professional website on your own. Such tools allow you to quickly build your own website or even an e-commerce platform without knowing html. Their operation is intuitive, the cost is low, and the results of work with a minimum of effort can really surprise you.

What is a website builder?

A website builder is a tool that you can access online. You don't need to install additional software on your own laptop or PC. Editing of the site is done in the browser, so independent website creation it's easy and fast.

Of course, in reality, creating a website from scratch takes a lot of time and requires appropriate knowledge and skills. When using the wizard, we are actually based on templates previously created by professionals who allowed us to assemble our website from individual, configurable elements:

  • text;
  • graphics;
  • ready buttons;
  • map;
  • forms.

Advanced wizards are based on modules that the user can download by dragging and dropping from the service provider's database, and then locate them on their website in any way. After arranging the layout, all you need to do is insert your own photos, videos, music or graphics in the right places, as well as text and the page is ready. Of course, a website prepared in such a way still needs to be published, which is also usually easy and intuitive.

Website builder and tool capabilities

It is worth emphasizing that the website creator is not a universal tool. Each ISP has its own wizard, which can be very different from the others. If you decide to host with a certain company and you know that you will be using a wizard, check what the provider has to offer you before buying.

You should first of all verify the capabilities of the tool in terms of your needs. If you intend to set up an online store, the wizard must allow you to do so, similarly if you need a large database or a non-standard number of subpages.

What to look for when choosing an Internet Service Provider? Www wizard

When deciding on a specific service, see the most important parameters of the wizard, including:

  • number of available templates - there should be enough of them for you to freely choose a template suited to your needs;
  • color palette - a rich color palette facilitates page personalization;
  • number of possible subpages;
  • the availability of a blog that serves not only bloggers, but also other users to position the website;
  • contact form - this form of contact is chosen quite often, so it is worth using it;
  • connecting the website with social media - going from the website directly to your social media account is an important function;
  • intuitive to use photo editor.

Service providers who also provide a page builder to their customers usually offer several options to choose from. A simple website with a small number of subpages is usually the cheapest version, while a creator with the possibility of creating your own e-commerce platform is usually the most expensive version. Regardless of the creator variant, however, it is worth paying attention to the responsiveness of the website - the creator should allow you to create a website that will be displayed flawlessly on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Not only a website - setting up an online store with the help of a wizard

A web wizard is a tool that many ISPs now offer. However, wizards enabling the creation of an online store and sales management are still rare.

Some companies offer online store builder for a much lower price than the average market service. Sometimes the tool is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is select the appropriate template, complete it with photos and product data, and then configure payment options and shipping methods. After following these few simple steps, the store can start operating.

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