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It has to be admitted that the 80 ', 90' or 00 'generation invest less and less in equipment such as a TV set. Young people and middle-aged people prefer phones, tablets or laptops to communicate with the world. At the same time, they do not want to give up the advantages of fixed-line TV. It's nice to turn on your favorite channel and not necessarily follow the program with full attention without time-consuming searching for specific content. Others appreciate being able to watch only their favorite shows. This is where the help comes online television.

Online TV for free without registration

However, not everyone wants to register and pay another bill, even a small one. There is one way out for them - free online TV. Does it exist? Which one to choose? Let us analyze:

  • - is a website belonging to Cyfrowy Polsat. We can look at materials from various categories here. Unfortunately, the more interesting and not shown in the basic channels are additionally payable.
  • - according to statistical data, the most-watched free TV platform without registration. As in Ipla, we do not watch streaming programs here, but choose video on demand. This has its undoubted benefits - we can catch up on our favorite series or programs. Works well on a smartphone.
  • -It is a television that does not require users to register, and has a really large selection of channels. It offers live TV, which is also an advantage for sports fans. We can find Discovery Science, Comedy Central, Disney Junior, Canal + Sport HD and MTV Polska here
  • - calls itself a multimedia entertainment center. In addition to basic channels, it offers access to the world's most important news channels such as CNN, Russia Today, Al Jazeera Englisz and France 24. We also find popular foreign-language film, sports and children's channels. The platform also gives us the opportunity to listen to most of the Polish radio stations. It will certainly keep people looking for access to more information than the average user for longer.

Free TV on the computer

You may have heard of the first two pages, but the next ones are unfamiliar to you. Why? Let's be honest, and take advantage of inaccuracies in Polish law. So far, everything works fine, but you can see that there are fewer and fewer unofficial websites with online TV. To the surprise of their users, sites operating illegally can disappear overnight. We ourselves should be careful when entering these suspicious-looking ones. What should worry us?

  • If, immediately after entering the website, you are prompted to install a new driver, it may be synonymous with downloading a virus.
  • Also, be careful when the website does not allow you to view the content without sending a confirmation SMS. Toll numbers are easy to recognize - they are four-digit numbers starting with 7, or five-digit numbers starting with 9.
  • And the last, but probably the most important: read the regulations and the footer of the website, and you will fall asleep with a clear conscience and you will be sure that you did not get caught by online scammers.


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