Email address - where is it best to set up an e-mail?


E-mail it is a decisive basis for functioning in a digitized environment. To do many things online, from shopping to shopping, to creating an account in social networks in conclusion, handling is required e-mail box.

We often decide to set up an email account on a random page. However, it is worth paying attention to the offer of several online sites and choose the most convenient offer. We often ask ourselves the question "How to change the e-mail?", "Which website should I choose?" For this reason, we present three different online mailboxes in this article.

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How to set up an e-mail and what to pay attention to when choosing a mailbox?

To set up an e-mail, you must register on the website, providing basic personal information.

At first glance, it appears to be mailboxes they do not differ in any way. However, this is not true. In fact, the boxes offered by the popular ones websites have various settings. This means that each page has a different SPAM filter. Filtering unnecessary and bothersome online messages can largely affect the convenience and efficiency of using the inbox.

The selection of other factors is a very individual matter. Some of us keep our e-mails without deleting them on a regular basis for various reasons. If we tend to archive messages, it is worth paying attention to which mailbox offers a large capacity.

If we upload frequently attachments by mail, and the e-mail address is used to exchange various types of documents, when choosing a site, you should be guided by the maximum size of attachments. These vary a lot and some boxes even allow 20MB of attachments.

Gmail - the most popular website

Most people living in Poland own e-mail address in the Gmail mailbox. Thus, it is the most popular online service, serving both corporate employees as well as students and academic teachers. No wonder, because the inbox is very easy to use and has effective SPAM filters.

The greatest disadvantage of Gmail is to analyze the content of online messages by special bots. The entire content of the message is verified and based on the information exchanged, sponsored advertisements are matched to us. For some, this is a significant drawback that effectively discourages the use of a box there. However, there are people who do not mind this fact at all, but appreciate the mailbox Google for functionality and overall design.

ProtonMail - data security

The main advantage of ProtonMail is the location of the company's headquarters in Switzerland, i.e. in a country not covered by the jurisdictions of the European Union. For this reason, it is almost guaranteed complete anonymity. Moreover, it does not parse the messages as each mail is provided appropriately encrypted.

The disadvantage of the box is the need to purchase a paid subscription during intensive use. The free version allows you to send 150 emails daily, and the maximum size of an attachment cannot exceed 500MB.

Yahoo Mail - why is it so little popular in Poland?

Yahoo is not very popular in our country, but it offers an interesting offer setting up temporary e-mails, which we will not use in the future. This is a great deal for people who want to set up your e-mail quickly for a specific purpose and do not bind it in the future.

Summary - how to set up an e-mail for free?

To set up an email for free you should register on the selected mailbox, providing basic data about yourself and choosing a password. It should be noted that it is important to choose a complicated password so that there is no hacking in the future. Moreover, there is no single answer to the question "Where to set up an e-mail? ”Because each box has its advantages and disadvantages.


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