Cookies - what are they? What are they for?


Small, large, black, white and colored… Abuse banners cookies they differ in appearance, but they have one thing in common: the content. "This site uses cookies”- most Internet users not only know this expression by heart, but also accept it almost automatically cookie policy. This is a big mistake! Before agreeing to cookies in phone or computer it is worth finding out what they are cookies and how they are used by almost everyone webpage. In this text we will answer the above questions, as well as try to explain to you all about cookies - both what you already know and what you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!

What are cookies?

Cookie is a small file sent to your end device (computer, tablet, telephone) by the website you visit. Each cookie file it actually consists of a string of letters and numbers that constitute an expression in one of the few most popular programming languages.

The main task cookies is the fact that websites obtain information about the Internet user and his online activity - it is thanks to this The legal basis for the processing is our legitimate interest to promote our products and services. websites such as Google or Facebook can effectively match ads to your interests. Importantly, the marketing aspect is actually a small portion of the functions offered by cookies.

Most websites use cookies to remember login and password in memory web browseras well as better matching the content to the recipient. It is thanks cookies

 on the Internet it is easier to find the news or blog articlesand you can buy the product you are looking for much more efficiently. It is worth noting that the type of device does not matter for cookies - Android, Windows, Linux or iOS, cookies they work on every system and every browser.

Spy cookies - is there anything to be afraid of?

Even though you know now what are cookies and what interests they have, you are probably still wondering why every website must inform about their use. The reason for this is that it can be used cookies

 as spyware that collects data about the user without his consent.

In accordance with the law in force in the European Union, Internet users have the right to object to the use cookies for marketing purposes. On each website you can find cookie policy, under which you can opt out of advertising cookiesif, of course, the website uses such files.

It is worth noting that cookies can also be cleared manually from most browsers. If you use Google Chrome, all you have to do is go to the "Settings" section, select "Privacy and security" in the menu, and then click "View all" cookies and site data ”. The program will then display a list of all of them cookiesthat you can delete.

Find out more in this article: How to delete cookies in Chrome

It is worth taking care of the browser cache, so regularly delete unnecessary ones cookies - either manually or with the help of special programs or plugins such as Cookie Cleaner or Cookie Monster.


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