Internet domain - everything you need to know about it

Internet domain everything you need to know about it

Nowadays websites they have many functions and are becoming something common and open to every Internet user. They can be a kind of business cards, various blogs, places where the services or goods will be sold, or websites of a promotional nature. If you want to start your own website, you will need a few things. One of them is your own domain.

What is a domain?

When comparing a website to a place of residence, a domain may be a kind of address. It is thanks to it that users are able to find your site and visit it. Thus, a domain is a unique web address that, when entered in a search engine, will take the person to your website.

What does it consist of and what can a domain name look like?

An example of an internet address may be "". In this case, "xyz" is the actual name of your site and "pl" is your extension. Each domain must necessarily have these two elements. And in what forms can they appear?

Let's start with the domain name. The basic rules that it must meet are:

  • up to 63 characters,
  • use only letters, numbers and the hyphen "-",
  • the dash cannot appear at the beginning or end of the domain name,
  • the minimum number of characters is: 3 characters for global domains, 2 for European and 1 for Polish,
  • the name cannot be the name of network services such as http, www, ftp and the like at the same time.

In the case of extensions, the choice is practically unlimited and can be divided into extensions:

  • national ones such as .pl, .en, .fr, .de;
  • functional: .com, .org, .edu, .info, .net;
  • regional:,,
  • and a lot more.

How to choose a good domain name?

The domain address is quite an important element that is worth considering, because it will be associated with our entire website and the content presented on it. First of all, such a name should be original and easy to remember, so that the visiting users can memorize it.

The name may be a previously non-existent word, such as Allegro, a combination of two or more words - Facebook, or a keyword associated with the content of the page, such as As a rule, it is recommended to avoid Polish characters in the name, especially if you plan to achieve as many visitors as possible.

Domain and hosting

Domain and hosting are related concepts and some may get confused. For the sake of a brief explanation, the domain is the website address, and hosting is a servicethanks to which you can put some content at a given address. Domain hosting, just like the domain itself, are essential elements for the website to function.

How much does a domain cost?

Such an expense is relatively low cost. A domain name is bought for a so-called lease, that is for a certain period. The most common available solution is to buy a domain for 1 year with its possible extension. Many companies have a practice of giving discounts for the first year of domain ownership. In this case, we can easily find it for about PLN 10-15. In the following years, this price, depending on the chosen name and extension, may increase to PLN 60-120 per year.


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