How to create an Instagram account?

how to create an instagram account

Nowadays, virtually everyone has an account of some sort social media. The most popular is Facebook, but in this respect, Instagram is hardly inferior to it. It is used by private individuals as well as businesses and individuals. Through Instagrama, you can publish various photos, advertise products or various social campaigns. This application allows you to reach a very wide audience. It's worth knowing how to create an Instagram account.

Instagram account step by step

  1. First of all, it's worth realizing that Instagram is a social networking site that started in 2010 and has become more and more popular ever since.
  2. Registration - after downloading the application to your smartphone, press the small icon to display several registration options. You can register by linking your Instagram account with your Facebook account or use it e-mail adress
    as well as a phone number.
  3. After selecting the registration option, you must provide your first and last name or company name and nickname, you must also specify a password that will enable logging in.
  4. After filling in the indicated fields, an account will be created and you can select a profile photo, fill in other information, as well as start adding a photo and looking for friends.

It is worth knowing that while using Instagram, you can change your name at any time. As for adding a profile picture, you can select a photo available in the phone gallery or take a new photo. Or, you can skip this step and come back to it later. However, Instagram is an application primarily aimed at communicating through photos, so it is worth having a profile photo. If the registration was not carried out in conjunction with Facebook account, you can connect them at any time.

Thanks to a special search engine, you can also search phone numbers and find Instagram owners. When creating an Instagram account, you also need to specify privacy data. This is important because the user determines whether his account is public or private.


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