How do I block someone on Instagram? - Step by step

how to block someone on instagram step by step

Instagram is a very popular application that is already used by over a billion people around the world. It is social network belonging to Facebookwhose main idea was to allow its users to edit photos and movies, sending text messages and searching for the content of interest to us using # hashtags, location, or geotags.

There is no doubt that the application is constantly growing and most people do Instagram account gathering around him a smaller or larger community. Most often we have a bond with the people we observe, or those we observe, so it is great when we have the opportunity to be in touch with them. Sometimes, however, there are less pleasant situations that force us for some reason blocking a given user

. If the function of removing from the group of friends or blocking the possibility of commenting on our photos and videos is not enough, Instagram it has made it possible to take the more radical step it is blocking another user completely.

How do I block someone on Instagram?

To block another user, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the profile of the user you want to block

2. Touch the ellipses (Android) or  (computer / iPhone / iPad)

3. Select Block it or Unblock

4. Confirm the action by pressing the option again Block it or Unblock

Importantly, Instagram will not inform the user that they have just been blocked by us.

The effect of blocking is that this person cannot find our account or Instagram stories and our posts, however, she may still mention our name on the site, although we will not get any notification about it. The solution to this situation is to change the name of our profile, which will completely prevent any contact or mention of us by the blocked person.

Once blocked, any attempt to message us at Direct will be ineffective, and any threads of conversation with the person will also disappear.

Instagram made it possible to unblock a user we previously blocked. If we have changed our mind and want to restore him to our group of friends, we can do so by following the instructions above, but we must select Unblock. However, you should know that such an operation will only be successful if we have not been blocked by that person in the meantime.


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