How to become popular on Instagram?

how to become popular on instagram

Although a few years ago, hardly anyone heard about Instagram, currently this application is used by over 90 million users around the world. They include celebrities, models, artists, as well as people who are creative and looking for beauty. Instagram has long ceased to be just a virtual photo album. It is a place where you can meet famous and inspiring people, promote products or services, or simply "let yourself be discovered".

Find your niche and take care of the quality of your photos

Instagram is very easy to use. This does not mean, however, that everyone will excel in this place. By simply posting underdeveloped or free photos or aggressively advertising your products, you will probably not find too many recipients. It is worth looking for your niche, think about what we are good at and what may interest others. The most important thing is to have an idea for yours Instagram profile. It can be based on what interests you and what can be presented with the help of photography: it can be travel, fashion, but also cooking, poetry or scouting. In the description, you can write what you do and link to your website. Profile consistency is important here - throwing everything you have on the disk definitely misses the point. No less important form of promoting your account is adding videos on Instagram and the use of Instastory

A catchy name and eye-catcher can help you in promotion profile picture. However, we should always pay attention to the quality of the photos posted first of all. You don't have to be a professional photographer, but don't post unsuccessful, poorly framed and out of focus photos. When processing, it is worth using at least free graphics programs

. It is also worth using the filters available in the application, which will help you easily conjure up an interesting atmosphere of the photo.

Use hashtags, tag places and friends

When publishing posts, it is also worth remembering about the use of # hashtags. These are words or short phrases without spaces with the sign "#", thanks to which interested persons can easily find our photos. You can present hashtags simply what is in the photo, but also name the emotions, or refer to the slogans and values ​​with which you identify.

It's worth looking for hashtags that match your photo and have many searches. Try to create your own creative hashtags that are easy to remember. When publishing photos, you should also add their location immediately, and also tag other people who appear in them. In this way, we immediately engage them in interaction and we can easily reach their friends as well. It is also worth visiting other profiles with comments to remind yourself of yourself.

Make sure that you post regularly and be honest

If you are serious about promoting your profile, you should first of all ensure regular publication. You don't have to post new photos every day - but it's worth doing it every few days. Unfortunately, many instragrammers are characterized by an eagerness - at first they are very active, but over time they publish new photos less and less often.

If you want your profile to gain popularity, it is worth reminding yourself regularly. Remember also about honesty - using Photoshop you can transform your photo beyond recognition, but what if some of the followers really know you and know what you look like?

It is also worth mentioning at this point the infamous practice of some Polish instagram girls, which is buying followers. It is not worth resorting to such methods - friends of Abdul and Sergey are not interested in your message anyway, and thus you lose credibility.


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