How to add a video to Instagram

how to add a video on Instagram

How to post a video via Instagram?

Nowadays, when we can find Internet access almost in every other house, most probably have, or at least have heard of, such an application as Instagram. It is currently one of the most popular platforms to share mainly your photos with other users around the world. However, not only the famous one social network allows you to share also short films through it. So how to add a video on Instagram?

How to add a video to an instagram account

Using a mobile device, we log in to our own Instagram accountthen, by pressing the middle button on the bottom panel of the screen, we choose the option to include content, which is most often illustrated with a plus symbol. By clicking the appropriate icon, we change the mode from camera to camera and record the material we are interested in.

In the next step, depending on personal preferences, we can:

  • process our film with any filter,
  • change the thumbnail icon by selecting the appropriate frame,
  • or just shorten using the trim option.

Such a finished movie should be provided with an appropriate description and hashtags

so that it reaches a specific target group that interests us, by entering it in the empty edit field intended for this. This option will also allow us to mark other users and assign any recording location to the material. Finally, when we are satisfied with the effect, in the upper right corner we press the "share" button and at this point the movie is posted on instagram
, where other users can send us a "like" in the form of a heart, or add a comment.

It's good to know that there is also an option to share the recording from our image library on your mobile device. This allows you to upload a video recorded in the past.

Here you just need to log in to your account, just like before, press the middle button responsible for adding multimedia and select the option on the left at the bottom of the screen panel, most often illustrated with a photo or book icon.

After selecting this option, a library of photos and videos stored on the mobile device opens, from which we select the appropriate one by pressing its thumbnail image. In the next steps, just like when recording a movie, select the appropriate filter, description and hashtags, and then share our material by pressing the button in the upper right corner "share".


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