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how to send messages on instagram

How to send messages on Instagram

Instagram - how to send messages? Instagram is a popular platform mainly used for sharing various photos as well as viewing other people's profiles. It can also be used to exchange messages. How to write a new message to a given ...
how to add a video on Instagram

How to add a video to Instagram

How to post a video via Instagram? Nowadays, when access to the Internet is found almost in every other home, most probably have or at least have heard of an application such as Instagram. Is...
instastory how to add another relationship on instagram

Instastory - How to add another Instagram story?

For some time now, it has been possible to add stories from the day on Instagram. This is an option similar to the Story added on Snapchat. It is governed by more or less the same rules. Photos and videos shared in this ...
how to delete instagram how to delete instagram account

How to delete Instagram - how to delete Instagram account?

Instagram is a very popular application nowadays that takes the form of a social networking site. Thanks to it, you can reach a very wide audience, recommending them, for example, various products or simply enjoying ...
can you see screenshots on instagram stories

Can you see screenshots on Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is one of the main functions of the Instagram social network. It was introduced to the application in August 2016. It involves sharing photos or videos in the form of short stories that can be ...
how to create a second instagram account

How to create a second Instagram account?

Instagram as a social network allows its users to have two or more accounts. This situation is especially convenient for people who want to run both a private and public account without having to resign ...
how to add a picture to instagram from your computer

How to add a photo to Instagram from your computer

Instagram was created for users who mainly use mobile phones. People logged in to the computer have access to view the posted content, but they will not find an option to add photos. However, there is a very simple ...
how to create an instagram account

How to create an Instagram account?

Nowadays, virtually everyone has an account on some social media. The most popular is Facebook, but in this respect Instagram is almost as good as it. It is used by both private individuals and ...

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