Which program to measure and show FPS in games should you choose?

which program to choose to measure and show fps in games

Which program to measure and show FPS in games should you choose?

Nowadays computer games are very popular. The latest titles, however, are very demanding, and consequently, there will be powerful equipment. During the game, we are often curious about how many frames per second we have for various graphics settings. In such cases, a specialized program will be the bull's eye. Which software should you choose? What aspects to pay attention to? In order to obtain answers to these questions, we invite all interested readers to read.

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1. CAM

CAM is quite a popular program for measuring FPS. It monitors almost the entire system, and at the same time shows a lot of other useful information for players. Among them, it is worth distinguishing the component loads (graphics card, processor), as well as the temperature of individual components. This FPS counter has a clear interface. Each time we will be informed about extreme values, as a consequence we will avoid catastrophic consequences. It is possible to optimize notifications according to individual preferences.

2. Overwolf

A good program for showing FPS is Overwolf. It is true that its main purpose is to create game interfaces, but in the settings we can select a parameter related directly to monitoring the number of frames per second. Next, we start the game, remembering that the monitoring program must be running. After a while, our eyes will see the FPS indicator.

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3.NVIDIA GeForce Experience

For owners of popular NVIDIA graphics cards, the program for showing FPS in the game NVIDIA GeForce Experience is noteworthy. In this case, we have many functions at our disposal, which in extreme cases allows us to effectively optimize the game. One possibility is to track the number of frames per second. This FPS program for games is completely free, and its interface is visually interesting.

4. Fraps

A popular program that shows FPS is Fraps. It's not just based on FPS measurement - it has many other features that can be very useful. Among them, it is worth highlighting video recording from the screen or the quick creation of print screens. Interestingly, Fraps works on every window, which in practice means that we do not have to switch between processes - it is very comfortable. This FPS checker is very easy to use. The interface is so readable that it will be understood and mastered even by amateurs in the field of computer science.

5. FPS monitor

A notable program for measuring FPS is the FPS Monitor. The application not only displays the value of frames per second, but also allows you to monitor several other, basic system parameters that we pay attention to in everyday use. Each user can choose a different scene, which is designed for various operating modes - depending on individual preferences. This program for checking FPS in Poland is very popular.