Gaming keyboard - does it have to be mechanical?

a gaming keyboard or necessarily a mechanical one

Many players wonder if the mechanical gaming keyboard is a so-called "must have" item, or is it an unnecessary accessory that is not worth spending money on? If you are struggling with a similar problem, then you've come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you about mechanical keyboards for games, their types, and, above all, whether it is worth investing in them. Enjoy reading!

Computer keyboards - all categories

Keyboards, like any other electronic equipment, can be divided into several basic categories. Some of them are simple, some have additional multimedia keys, and some have optical switches. Before we present you in detail what strictly it is gaming keyboard, we will introduce you to the other types of them:

Membrane keyboard - you probably own one

If you are considering purchasing mechanical equipment, it is probably on your desk right now membrane keyboard. It uses a rubber paddle stretched along the entire length of the equipment. When pressing the keys, they touch the tabs of the paddle, which then sends a signal to the computer via the PCB.

Sounds complicated? It probably is. However, the high level of complexity of membrane keyboards does not prove their high quality: the aforementioned rubber pad is very often worn out. The result is that after an estimated key press from 1 to 5 million times, such a keyboard simply needs to be replaced with a new model in the world. Additionally, membrane keyboards they are rarely equipped with specialized multimedia keys - keep that in mind.

If you don't use computer game keyboardsthen even the lower number of one million strokes should last you for many years. However, if you spend more time at the computer than the average user, then you should consider changing your hardware.

Scissor keyboard - a very specific product

There is also an improved version of the membrane keyboard - scissor lift. In this case, the keys are on separate frames, not on a rubber pad.

Unfortunately, a lot of it scissor keyboards it is only available in laptops - it has never been decided to distribute them as standalone devices.

Mechanical keyboards - the best types of keyboards?

A mechanical keyboard is by far the most technologically advanced form of this type of hardware. Each key is individually assigned a plastic switch, thanks to which they operate independently of each other, and not collectively, as in the case of membrane and scissor keyboards.

The use of mechanical keyboards is very pleasant: the comfortable layout of the keys and special multimedia keys make the use of "mechanics" incomparably better.

Which keyboard is the best to play?

If you're looking for gaming hardware, there are probably three things on your priority list: a mouse, keyboard, and headphones.

The mouse is able to guarantee greater precision when aiming - you probably know that.

Thanks to the right headphones, in turn, you will hear barely audible sounds - you probably know that.

But what can a different keyboard guarantee you? A fraction of a second faster reaction time that you won't even feel? Number keys that every other keyboard already has? As it turns out - the "mechanic" will give you much more!

Specially shaped keys are the main reason why it is known by the name gaming keyboard. Pressing is very light and pleasant, and "jumping" between the keys is simple and intuitive. In addition, virtually any mechanical type keyboard

has special multimedia keys.

It's hard to describe in words why it's special gaming keyboard it is much better than its standard counterpart - you just have to find out for yourself!

So, answering the initially asked question: the best gaming keyboard is mechanical. Without a doubt.

Mechanical keyboards and their types

Same mechanical keyboards however, we divide into many subcategories, mainly due to the use of different types of switches. Each of them is worth getting to know as they are very different from each other, as well as their uses.

Switches "red"

This type of switch, known as "linear" switches, guarantees smooth, even soft button movement. They are also very quiet by the standards of mechanical keyboards. They are perfect for almost all computer games. The popular msi sonic red switches can be used as an example.

Blue switches

Click-tactile switches, on the other hand, are slightly more resistant to pressing and are much louder than their red counterparts. Due to the slow return to the original position of the keys, they are not well suited to dynamic games. The most popular blue connectors are cherry mx blue. This type is used, among others, by the white shark keyboard, one of the cheapest models available on the market.

Black switches

Black optical switches are best compared to red ones - in many respects they are identical. The only noticeable difference is a bit more resistance when pressing the keys.

Brown switches

Despite the unusual color, the "tactile" optical switches are one of the most popular choices among professional gamers. The resistance offered by them is optimal, and pressing a key will give a characteristic "click". They are also the most versatile: they are great for both games and office work. When it comes to brown joints, we recommend the gateron brown.

Gray switches

We are now moving on to more non-standard types of connectors. The first is the gray ones - they are very similar to the brown ones, but the upward lift of the keys has been increased.

Green switches

In fact, green switches are hard to distinguish from blue switches - in this case, too, the only difference is the higher pressure required.

Silent switches

At this point, we stop focusing on the colors of connectors, and we will deal more with their specific features. The "silent" optical switches are, as the name suggests ... quite quiet. The sound they make is so little audible that even the standard red connectors look pale in comparison.

Speed ​​switches

These switches, in turn, ensure a significantly faster response of the keys to pressing. However, to be completely honest: mechanical-type keyboards have such a short response time that the convenience of "speed" keys is completely unnecessary. Additionally, typing with them can be very bothersome, mainly due to accidental presses.

"Low profile" switches

It is a relatively new type of switch in the current keyboard market. Their main goal is to keep the switches as small as possible. It is certainly convenient to use them, but it may take a long time to get used to a "low profile" keyboard.

"RGB" switches

They are simply switches with colored LED lights. As you can see, nowadays it is enough to change the color of one LED to create a completely "new type" of equipment for players. When choosing equipment for yourself, you have to be careful with this type of treatment: sometimes slightly better looking models sell for several times the price.

Mechanical keyboard - is it worth buying?

If you're still wondering what type of keyboard to choose, you've probably never had a chance to use it mechanical keyboard. It is ruthlessly the best possible choice you can make at the moment. Let's also add to this the fact that you won't pay much more for a mechanical keyboard than for another type.

Since you are reading this article, you are probably not a professional computer gamer - so do not invest in expensive ones gaming keyboards equipped with goodies such as: RGB backlight or ultra-fast keys specially "dedicated to players". It is very often an attempt to stretch people who do not know each other on this equipment.

If you have already decided to buy a mechanical keyboard, be sure to check out our article: Buying a mechanical keyboard - what should you pay attention to? There you will also find a list of models recommended by us.


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