How to tag a friend on FB?

how to tag a friend on fb

More than once we want to share interesting, important or funny material with one of the your friends na social networking site, which is Facebook. One of the methods is marking it, but this changes depending on the situation.

1. Marking on the timeline

It is very easy - on the page that pops up after logging into the portal, left-click under the field with the words "what's up", On the function"tag a friend". The second method is to click on the text "what's up". We are developing a different menu and here we have two options to choose from: the first is that we click on the "tag a friend", Or we just write him first name and last name.

If we have a lot of friends whose first name, surname or nickname appears after entering the first letter, then:

  • the context menu is developing,
  • from which we choose the person to whom we address the message by clicking on their name and surname or by pressing the down arrow,
  • and when it is highlighted in blue, press the Enter key.

In case of a mistake, we can delete the name and surname with the Back Space key.

2. Designation in groups or in posts from groups

There are currently three types Facebook groups: secret, closed and open, with different levels of secrecy, but even in open groups, we can only mark members of a given group by simply clicking on the comment field and writing the first letters of its name. From open groups, we can share posts (using the option under the image or post). Then we develop a context menu.

Clicking on a function called "Share now (friends)", Will cause the post to land on our timeline, and if we wanted to tag a specific person, we have to click the three dots at the top next to our first name, last name or nickname and select" edit ". We develop a small window in which we enter the personal data of the person we want to mark.

If we want to avoid this, in the same menu, click "Share ..." We expand a field consisting of two parts: the lower (which is the post) and the upper, with the inscription "Write something about this"And write the person we are marking there. If this function does not work for some reason, we have a bar under the post with the following words: "Friends","Cancel"And"Publish". On the other side, we have three icons and click on the first one. A bar appears slightly higher on which we enter the friend's personal data.

3. Designation on the Fanpage (your own and someone else's)

If we are the administrator of some fanpage, we can't label a friend outright. On the strip with the words "I like this","Comment"And"Share“, There is an additional, small icon with an arrow next to it. We click on the arrow and the context menu unfolds. We select our main profile from it and in the section on writing comments, we write the name and surname of a friend.

If we want to share with a friend the content of a fanpage that does not belong to us, we just click as if we would like to comment and write personal data.

In all of the above-mentioned cases, we finish entering the name and surname of a friend by pressing the "Enter".


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