How to recover Facebook password?

how to recover password on facebook

Most likely to any user Facebook account it certainly happened once forget your profile password. It is quite an unpleasant situation, but the tools at the platform's disposal allow you to easily recover your password and log back into your profile. This moment can of course seem stressful for people who are not very informed about it. how to recover an account on fbhowever, as it turns out, it is not such a difficult task. It's best to just fill out all the points conscientiously:

Facebook account recovery - step by step.

If we have entered the password without success and we do not know, where is the facebook password saved, we can use the option available directly on the login screen, namely: "Forgot your account name?".

  1. Click on the mentioned option dedicated to all who they don't remember their facebook password - "Forgot your account name?”And then proceed to the next screen.
  2. There is a window to find your account. Enter in the indicated place e-mail address assigned to our profile - this is the address from which we registered on Facebook or, if we changed it later, the one provided in the account settings.
  3. We can also provide a telephone number in the indicated place. However, this is an option facebook password recovery
     available only to those users who already have a profile number assigned.
  4. After clicking "szukaj”We will see a list of accounts that meet the search criteria, including a link to the assigned to our e-mail address accounts.
  5. Facebook he will suggest a few ways to recover your account here. Among them: using a Google account, sending a code in an e-mail or sending a code in an SMS message to the phone number assigned to the account.
  6. After selecting the appropriate option for us and receiving the code, enter it in the box and confirm the selection.
  7. After setting a new password, we can log in to our profile again.

As can be clearly seen, the problem with how to recover fb password it is not so difficult to solve, and the steps taken by all the forgetful ones are very intuitive and well explained. Thanks to this, each user can quickly and easily re-access his Facebook profile. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned above and complete the points from the above guide one by one.

Is it possible to check what password is assigned to our account?

If we are also interested in how to check the password on fb, unfortunately we have to get along with the taste. Obtaining information from Facebook about our current password is impracticable.

This is primarily to protect your users and prevent unauthorized people from obtaining your account password. The only option to log in to the profile is to enter the correct password or to go through all the options step by step for this, how to recover facebook password.


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