How to install Facebook pixel?

how to install facebook pixel

Facebook pixel is the code that when installed on the website www or blog allows you to collect data about visitors. This, in turn, enables the use of remarketing on Facebook, i.e. directing ads to people who have been on the website. Besides, after collecting relevant information, Facebook may show ads to people similar to those who visited the site or performed NOA - the most requested action. How to install Facebook pixel?

Pixel Facebook - step by step installation on the website

The first step is to create a pixel fb. To do this, open Facebook Ads Manager, and then go to the Pixele tab and go through two-step verification, after which Facebook pixel will be created. The code created in this way should be placed on a website and it can be done in several ways. One of them is to paste the generated code between the page tags and the template editor.

There is also a different page code between the tags, therefore Facebook pixel should be pasted as close as possible to the closing tag, i.e.. Generated code, Facebook can also send an e-mail specified by the userbecause many people delegate this task to specialists. However, if you have the appropriate instructions, you can install the fb pixel yourself.

Pixel fb - installation on a WordPress site

Code snippet Facebook pixel can be easily put on a site powered by a WordPress engine. For this, you just need to install a plugin called Tracking Code Manager. After pasting the copied code and saving the changes, Facebook Pixel will start working immediately. After placing the code in the appropriate place on the page, the Advertising Manager will display a graph with visit statistics and data.

Types of pixel conversion - types

Conversion pixel Facebook has several varieties called Standard Events. They make it possible to obtain information about specific behaviors of website visitors, e.g. e-book downloads, subscriptions to mailing list

or making a purchase. Standard Events differ only in part of the code, but offer enormous possibilities. First, we can measure the conversion on the website generated by each ad. Secondly, Facebook examines visitors and collects information about them. Thanks to this, it can show them or people with similar predispositions, because they will also be initially interested in the offer. That's why it's worth choosing pixel fb appropriate to the information we want to obtain about site visitors.

In the case of measuring subscriptions to the mailing list using a landing page, it should be included Facebook pixel also on the page with the registration form. If only the thank-you page is displayed to the user after saving, then pixel fb should be connected to the button using the Google Tag Manager. Thanks to this, it is possible to apply remarketing to people who have subscribed to the list. This, in turn, ensures that the advertising budget will be used for ads that will be displayed to interested products.

Facebook Pixel is an amazing tool that allows you to monitor the behavior of recipients on a website and obtain information about them. Thanks to this, after launching the remarketing campaign, we can be sure that the ads are displayed to people interested in the product or service.

In addition, Facebook learns the predisposition of visitors, thanks to which it can show ads to new users similar to those who visited our website. Therefore, it is worth using this tool to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, which will translate into higher profits.


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