How to be invisible on Messenger?

how to be invisible on messenger

Probably each of us has had a situation in which we would like to use Facebook in the invisible modeto friends could not follow our actions. It turns out that it is possible to turn off the activity statuses. Just follow a few easy steps to fully enjoy your privacy on one of the most popular websites.

Hide activity in Messenger

Are you wondering how to be invisible on Messenger? Regardless of what operating system supports our smartphone, the process of hiding activity in the Messenger application looks similar.

  • First, we run the previously mentioned application.
  • Our next task is to tap on the profile picture icon. It is located in the upper left corner.
  • We scroll through the list until we find a section called "Profile". The first option should be "Activity status". When we touch the icon, we will see a new window.
  • Next to the inscription "Inform about your activity”There is a slider that is factory set on the right. If we want to hide the activity, click on the slider.
  • We will be asked to confirm the operation, at the same time informed that when we decide to disable this option, we will not see the activity of our friends.
  • At the end, press "Disable". If, after some time, we would like to return to the normal state, it is enough to press the aforementioned slider again.

Hiding activity on the Messenger website

Some people uses Messenger on a computer or laptop. How to hide activity on Messenger computer and is it even possible? It turns out that yes!

  • Just visit the website "Messenger.comAnd then log in to your account.
  • In the upper left corner there should be a classic icon with a gear wheel, which you should press and then select "Settings".
  • After a while, a new settings window will appear.
  • The process of disabling activity on the website works similarly to the mobile version.
  • Just move the slider "Inform about your activity”To the left.
  • The only difference is that at the end it will be necessary to save the changes made using the "Ready".

Now we can be glad that information about our activity status will not be displayed. 

Hiding activity on the Facebook website

Our activity is also visible when we use Facebook site. In the latest version of this page "hiding”However, is not too complicated activities.

  • Are you wondering how to hide your activity on FB? It turns out that it is enough to click on the 3 dots next to the name "Contact".
  • After a while, a new list should unfold, from which we choose the option "Disable Active Status".
  • A window with three options will appear. We can turn off the activity for all contacts or only for the selected ones - it all depends on our individual preferences.
  • We choose one of the options and it's ready! Visibility on FB has been turned off.


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