Facebook Messenger - what is it?

facebook messenger what is it

Facebook Messenger - what is it?

Currently, there are many people who use this application. When Facebook Messenger was created? What are the most important advantages? What makes so many people willing to use this solution? And what is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger - a bit of history about the application

Mark Zuckerberg himself was the originator and creator of the application. Messenger was originally intended to facilitate contact between high schools and universities, etc. However, the application quickly became very popular. Consequently, the scope of application has rapidly expanded. It should be emphasized that the application itself was created at the beginning of February 2004. However, it was launched for the first time just over 7 years later. August 9, 2011 to be exact. Interestingly, the number of users of this application is currently several billion.

What is Facebook Messenger for?

Facebook Messenger is a very popular application. It is a kind of internet communicator. Using Messenger, you can easily send messages to family members, colleagues, slightly more distant friends, etc. That's not all. Users who use such a modern solution can also send videos and photos in no time. It cannot be denied that nowadays it has a lot of importance. There is no shortage of people who cannot imagine a day without putting something into their own SOCIAL MEDIA. It is possible with this application. Additionally, photos can be commented with the use of special emoticons.

What else is Facebook Messenger good for? It is an application that allows you to send voice calls as well as video calls. This instant messenger is therefore very universal. If only because it is compatible with all operating systems. So it can actually be used on any cell.

Since 2013, it is possible to connect Messenger to our private phone number ... Thanks to this, you can send quickly and efficiently Messenger messages on cell phones.

Facebook Messenger it also has special notifications. They make it easy to send messages, check if someone wanted to contact us recently, etc. In this respect, this application is also very useful.

Facebook Messenger - installation and operation

For many people it is very important that the use of this application does not require a social media account. It is therefore not necessary account registration on the so-called FB

to enjoy the benefits of Messenger. However, there are people who are very reluctant to participate in the broadly understood social media community.

How is Facebook Messenger installed?

This operation is simple and doesn't take too long. After completing this task, the login window appears. Users have two variants to choose from. The first of them makes it possible logging in with Facebook. However, if you do not have an account and you do not intend to create one, you have the opportunity to use the second option. It does not require a presence in social media.

What's next? You have to either log in with Facebookor simply enter your personal details. After logging in, you can go ahead and sync your contacts with your mobile phone.

Then the user has the opportunity to set the appropriate permissions for the application. Messenger asks if it can, for example, select photos from the gallery, can be changed notification sounds in Messenger, It is worth considering all of this carefully. Take your time, read the instructions slowly and calmly follow the steps. After completing them, you will receive free access to Messenger.

Facebook Messenger it is therefore an easy-to-use application. It is also completely free. It has many advantages. No wonder that it is becoming more and more popular year after calendar year.


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