Dimensions of graphics on FB - what dimensions and format should you choose?

dimensions of fb graphics what dimensions and format to choose

What is a cover photo on FB?

The background photo on FB is the image we see at the top of the page the person's profile or as a graphic for a given group. Permissions for background photo changes its owner is on the profile, and the administrator or moderator is on the group.

How to set a cover photo on Facebook?

To set or change the background in group on FB or on the profile in your browser, belongs:

  • Go to the main page of the profile.
  • In the upper left corner of the current photo or a place for it, you will find the camera icon.
  • When you hover the cursor over it, the text will appear Update the cover photo.
  • After clicking, the options will appear, thanks to which you can set a ready image from Facebook (Choose a graphic), set a photo or a few that we previously shared as a background (Choose a photoCreate a collage).
  • To set a new image, select the option Submit a photo and choose the graphics from among those available on the device.

In the app, changing the background photo looks similar. The difference is that the camera icon on the current background is in its lower right corner and the option to upload a new image is add picture.

  • Remember to use the correct format when changing the background photo. The minimum size is 400 × 150 pixels.
  • Image dimensions recommended by Facebookwe're going to set it up is 851 × 315 pixels.
  • The recommended format for photos is JPG, and for graphics with logos or text - PNG.
  • For faster loading, the file size should not exceed 100 KB.

Setting up Facebook cover photo we can move them vertically and horizontally, and also crop them. You can then preview what it will look like on your profile or group.

What will the background photo on FB look like?

After clicking on the photo in the background (regardless of what device we use), the graphic will open in the full format, that is, as it was shared - without cropping the margins. It is different with visualization without opening the full picture.

Visibility of photo size in your browser na Facebook page differs from the display in the application of a mobile device.

  • This means that by setting a photo with dimensions of 820 × 312 pixels (this is the size shown in the browser), the image will be cropped on the mobile device on the right and left.
  • When inserting a larger photo, the image will be sized in the application to 640 × 150 pixels. This means that we can see a larger area of ​​the photo (the margins will shift in favor of the visibility of the image, although it will be smaller).
  • Likewise, by inserting a 640 × 150 pixel image (application size), the browser will display it with the top and bottom margins cropped.

How to choose a photo?

Currently, there are many websites available on the web where you can find various images, usually categorized, with FB background dimensions specially prepared for this purpose. Often you can find an option to crop your graphics to the size of your profile or group background photo. However, it is not necessary - it is enough to share your image directly on FB.


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