Changing the date of birth on Facebook and privacy settings related to it

changing the date of birth on Facebook and privacy settings related to it

Sometimes we do change your date of birth on Facebookwhether from false to true or vice versa. It is very simple and it only takes a few steps to make a change. It is similar with the removal of the date of birth from our profile. Thanks to this guide, you can do it even faster, no matter what device you use.

How to change the date of birth on Facebook?

On the computer, using a browser

  1. Go to your Facebook profile and click the tab Information.
  2. In the subpage Contact details and basic information we find our date of birth and choose  .
  3. After making the changes selected by us, click save Changes.

On mobile devices

In the app: Same as on the computer, at the beginning we enter ours Facebook profile.

  1. Below the information (at the top of the profile) we find the button Edit the data public.
  2. At the very bottom, we are looking for a button Edit profile information.
  3. In category Basic information we click the edit icon next to our date of birth. We change the date and save the changes.

In the browser: If we do not have a Facebook application, we can access it via a web browser.

  1. To change your date of birth, please visit our Facebook profile
  2. click under your information View your information.
  3. We find the date of birth and choose an option  .
  4. We change the date and save the changes.

It is worth remembering that you can only change your date of birth on Facebook a certain number of times. If you have recently changed your date of birth, you may have to wait a few days for the next change.

How to delete Facebook date of birth?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. When registering a profile on Facebook

we need to provide your date of birth as the website is available to people over the age of thirteen. However, we can hide the date of birth from a given group of recipientsso that it is not visible on our profile.

On the computer

  1. As with changing the date of birth, we enter your profile,
  2. bookmark Information,
  3. subpage Contact details and basic information.
  4. After click   we will be able to change the privacy - click on the recipient selection icon.

On mobile devices

In the app: The scheme of operation is the same as when changing the date of birth.

  1. We go to your profile,
  2. then in Edit public data, 
  3. Edit profile information and click on the edit icon.
  4. On the right, we can customize the people for whom our date of birth will be visible.

In the browser: Just like when changing the date, open your profile, go to View your information and select an option edition at our date of birth. We change the privacy settings and save the changes.

Options available

It is possible to set different preferences for the day, month and year of birth. If we don't want anyone to see our date of birth, we choose the option Just me - marked with a padlock. We can also set its visibility to the public, for friends or acquaintances of our friends.

There are also custom privacy settings where you can designate your close friends or people who attend your school or workplace as recipients, and restrict access to our information to individuals. If you won't share with your friends day and month of birth, they will not receive your birthday notice.

We hope this tutorial has helped you with changing your date of birth or removing it from your profile. Please note that the number of date changes is limited, but you can adjust your privacy settings at any time.


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