Where to buy Microsoft Office 2019?

microsoft office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 is the newer and more improved version of the 2016 suite. The official premiere of MS Office 2019 took place in 2018, very quickly gaining a wide group of enthusiasts, delighted with the huge amount of new opportunities. The only drawback of the new package, however, is that it only works on devices with the latest programming such as Windows 10 or macOS Sierra.

Microsoft Office 2019 vs Microsoft Office 2016

In MS Office 2019, compared to the previous version, there were many different additional possibilities that significantly increased the functionality and usability of the package.
The new features are mainly:

  • a more modern layout that has been adapted to the latest software;
  • Microsoft Translator, the perfect tool for people who deal with a lot of translations. The tool is able to translate not only single words, but also entire sentences and phrases;
  • the smooth change option, previously unavailable in the PowerPoint application. Thanks to this, it is possible not only to create smooth animations, but also to freely switch between individual slides;
  • the zoom function that switches individual slides in any order. Thanks to the introduction of such an innovation, you can go to the distant slide at any time, without having to restart the presentation;
  • the handwriting feature introduced in the Word text editor allows you to convert your handwriting into shapes, math operations, text highlights etc;
  • in MS Office 2019, several new types of charts have been made available in the Excel application.
    In the package made available for use in 2018, there were also a lot of accessibility features that had not been used so far.

Purchase of Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019, apart from numerous amenities offered to users, also provides a package for purchase in two versions under the license:

  • Home & Student,
  • Home & Business.

The home package is the best solution for pupils, students and people who perform standard activities at the computer, not requiring the use of too technologically advanced software. Companies that, for obvious reasons, have much higher expectations for an office suite, mainly use commercial packages.

Microsoft Office 2019 as standard, it is available in two system versions, 32-bit and 64-bit.

Due to the great popularity of the Microsoft 2019 package, its purchase is not too complicated, and the product itself is easily available. However, you should remember to purchase your office suite only through legal sources. MC Office can be purchased both stationary and through many online stores, which undoubtedly makes it easier for online shopping enthusiasts.

In this way, the package of office tools can be purchased by using the offer of, among others, Microsoft stores, Teamnet Software.pl, Komputronik or MediaExpert. Of course, these are just some of the possibilities, because there are actually many more. However, it is worth remembering that the prices for the package can be very diverse, because they depend on the prices imposed by a given broker.

The MS Office package is available in two licenses - Home & Student and Home & Business. In both cases, users can take advantage of the perpetual license of use. This involves the need to link the package to an individual Microsoft account. Such a connection allows for any language change, reinstallation or update.

The Home & Business package includes primarily applications such as:

  • Microsoft Excel 2019,
  • Microsoft Outlook 2019,
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2019,
  • Microsoft Word 2019.

Additionally, users of the package can purchase its premium version, in which they get access to Microsoft Access 2019, Microsoft Publisher 2019 and Microsoft OneNote 2. In this case, it is possible to purchase the electronic version, which goes to the customer almost immediately after completing the transaction. This is exactly the same version as the boxed version, but with the difference that it will also be useful for laptops that do not have an optical drive.

Due to the smaller possibilities, the Home & Student packages can in many cases be cheaper by up to half compared to the Home & Business license.

A legal source is a safe and secure source

Regardless of the license you choose, you should purchase from reliable sources that offer legal and safe products. MS Office is extremely popular, so there is no shortage of fraudsters offering cheaper keys, which, however, can often be not only useless, but also illegal. In the case of purchasing packages from unreliable sources, the client has no direct possibility of checking whether it comes from a legal source or whether it is a copy close to the original. The safest solution is to buy from authorized retailers.

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