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how to number the pages in the word

How to number pages in Word?

The page numbering in Microsoft Word Word certainly needs no introduction. This text editor has been with us for many years and even the youngest computer users will find it and know it until ...
how to log in to microsoft office 365

How to log in to Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft 365, previously Office 365 or MS Office is a package of office services available under subscription. It is widely used in companies, schools, colleges and homes. As for Office ...
how to make a list of contents in a word

How to make a table of contents in Word

Word is the most popular word processor. In this program, which is part of the Office suite from Microsoft, most people who work with text create it there. Regardless of the nature of the content written, ...
how to insert a footnote in a word

How to insert a footnote in a word?

Microsoft Word is a program for writing, editing and proofreading text. Thanks to its many different functions and options, it is the most popular program of its type used by students, teachers, professional writers and journalists ...
how to justify text in microsoft word

How to justify text in Microsoft Word?

How to Justify Text in Microsoft Word Word is one of the building blocks of Microsoft Office office software. Word is used in the processing of text. Both for writing, editing and preparing the text ...
how to change the orientation of one side in the word

How to change the orientation of one page in Word

Microsoft Word is probably the most popular word processor in the world. Although most of us only use it for simple tasks, it is worth remembering that it offers a number of interesting functions. One of them is...
how to remove blank page in word delete page in microsoft word

How to delete a blank page in Word - delete a page in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processing programs. People all over the world use it every day. The program is valued mainly for its intuitiveness and practicality. As one of the products ...
how to set the interline or the spacing between lines in the word

How to set line spacing in Word?

Improving the readability of text in Word depends primarily on setting the line spacing, i.e. line spacing. This may seem difficult at first, but there are proven steps that can even ...

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How to add subtitles to YouTube videos

YouTube videos are watched by users of the site all over the world, so if you are the creator of the materials, increase their reception range. By creating a YouTube video ...
how to mirror the word

How to mirror in Word?