Aplikacja dzięki której będziemy mogli usunąć niepotrzebne nam aplikacje z naszego firmware.


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Autorem jest newcooler.

Version 3.0 beta 1
- Improved the majority of the lists to delete.
- The list of languages ​​is loaded dynamically from a folder Lang. Now you can easily add your language in the program.
- Removed "Online support", as he was associated with the configuration of PnP, and frees up space a little.
- Removed "Location", since it had many problems.
- Improved system for creating \ restore backups. Now you can create \ restore backup copies of all applications at once though.
- You can now download a list of their applications to the program. The "My app" opens a window into your applications folder of MyApp.
- The calculation takes into account the freed space "My App".
- "My Applications" you can backup and restore.
- When calculating the exempt places now have calculated number of deleted files.
- Added button "Donate" for donations.
- Added ability to change the width of a column with a choice of applications.
- Added ability to create their own lists of the folder with the needed files (click "Create list").
- Added ability to search and delete all empty folders in the firmware.
- Removal of the standard themes C6 has been removed (these themes are available in the "My Applications").
- Removed the button to reduce the bottom because of bugs arising from the program interface to some of the "machines".
- Added delete the application "Video sharing", Shazam, Bounce, WLAN \ WiFi, Internet phone, Boingo, Qik, Vlingo, joikospot.
- Removed item removal Ovi Maps 3.06.
- A list of files to delete are now displayed when you click "Show List".
- The state of the list is displayed in a label that says "ready list \ empty".
- Removed the button "Open" and "Save" because of uselessness.
- Removing applications "Correspondence" has been removed, but remains available in the "My Applications".
- Many small improvements and bug fixes.
W programie dajemy ścieżkę do rozpakowanego FW !